What is the NUNDA?
The Northwestern University Neuroimaging Data Archive (NUNDA) is a resource for managing study data collected by the Northwestern University neuroimaging community. It includes a secure database, automated pipelines for processing managed data, and tools for exploring and accessing the data. Access to data in the NUNDA is restricted to users authorized by the specific study's investigators. The NUNDA is hosted by the Neuroimaging & Applied Computational Anatomy Lab, and it is modeled after the Washington University's Central Neuroimaging Data Archive (CNDA). NUNDA is powered by XNAT, an open source software package for managing neuroimaging and related data.

Citation: Alpert K, Kogan A, Parrish T, Marcus D, Wang L. The Northwestern University Neuroimaging Data Archive (NUNDA). NeuroImage 2016; 124: 1131-1136

NUNDA is regularly undergoing scheduled maintenance in the off-hours (7pm - 7am). Maintenance does not take more than an hour at a time. During maintenance, NUNDA is not available for access.
Getting Help
Please find links to NUNDA resources below. For more information, please contact
NUNDA User Guide
NUNDA Pipeline Documentation
NUNDA Resource Description for Grant Applications
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